For 2 years, I was a staff video producer at Skypunch Creative, a startup company focused on creating videos, print materials and websites for energy, climate science and eco-related clients. I was tasked with creating a feature length documentary on the Weatherization Assistance Program for one of their clients.
Our team had to find a way to make insulation, building science and carpentry as interesting as possible for a lay audience. I worked with staff writer Chris Shreve to shape the narrative of the film based on interviews of weatherization workers and recipients filmed by videographers across the country. Motion graphics Duane Dobbels brought life to all the archival stills that I sourced, and he also created the construction themed graphics and lower thirds throughout the film.
The best part of this project was getting to film some of these interviews myself and meeting some of the blue-collar workers providing the weatherization service. Their dedication to their jobs and sense of purpose to serve the less fortunate were so admirable, and I found it important to make sure that came through in the film.
Director & Producer: Josh Wolfe
Writer: Chris Shreve
Editor: Lizette Gesuden
for Skypunch Creative & Project Energy Savers
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