Delta teamed up with Colossal for a campaign of two hand-painted walls.
The Delta Dating Wall provided iconic international scenics for people to take selfies with to post on their social media and dating profiles.
Several weeks later, the wall was changed to The Delta Destinations Wall, which featured 133 illustrated airport codes serviced by Delta and about a dozen painters working simultaneously in the hot summer sun.
I was challenged to make this process look different and fresh in the edit for these two walls. For the Destinations edit, I decided to use a little bit of text and animation that closely matched the style of illustration on the wall to spice things up. Both walls were a big hit for visiting tourists strolling through Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Cinematographer: Daniel Jusino
Aerial Videographer: Alex Jusino

Producer: Mark Bracamonte
Camera Operator & Editor: Lizette Gesuden

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